Monday, 23 August 2010

Welcome back!

The new school year is almost upon's back to business! We're set to welcome our all-new First Year group on will be our duty to also welcome them to the world of Comenius. It may be ambitious, but we aim to encourage every First Year to contribute at least one item of work to the blog this season...maybe we can even inspire one or two of them to literary greatness! Hopefully they will in turn inspire us. Vivat Comenius!

Happy reading (and writing) during 2010/11 to all our colleagues and friends.


Your Comenius Associates at Carndonagh Community School.

A personal note...The truth has crept up on me! My involvement in the Comenius Project has finally turned me into a reader! What a terrible admission for a librarian. I openly admit it...I often find reading a chore. Don't get me wrong, I often read, but exclusively for information and rarely with much enthusiasm. Until now! Almost without realising it, I have begun to put aside an hour every day to read, and I'm enjoying it...Currently, I'm reading a 1200 page history of Germany! Admittedly, it's not easy going...but there's no way I would have picked up such a book last I'm on page 48 (I know, LONG way to go!)...Got to hand it to the Germans, they sure did a lot of stuff! Next up, the history of Spain...But not for about three years on the basis of my current progress. I've no doubt the Spanish did a lot of stuff too...Well, that's my reading sorted for the next decade!

John Collins

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Museum of Books in Burgos

While I´m on holidays, I enjoy reading and preparing things for the new course. Maybe visiting Burgos could turn out a nice idea, especially the Museum of Books. Vivat Conmenius E-Read.